First Shoot At Wrexham General Hospital

Today was our first film shoot for the Glyndwr Website of post graduates.

We had to select our equipment for the shoot.

Hd Camera

Boom & Stand





We worked with two nurses one of Hume was due to graduate from Glyndwr. Here name was Emma

The diagram show the set up of the camera and lights The Lights where set up in such away so that you didn’t get nay harsh shadows or the light didn’t look flat on emma Face. We started off with a long shot on the tripod to avoid camera shake showing the two ladies working on the dummy. We filmed the whole procedure and will edit into this. We then removed the camera to the 2nd position from the tripod so we could get shots of the hands working on the dummy tracking around with their movement. The Cameras 23rd position was in the control room over the shoulder of the instructor.

Once this was done we had to set up the lights agin for the interview as the subject was much closer. I found it interesting the way the interviewer stood to one side so emma didn’t look straight into the camera. I also think that if us as a group hadn’t been a little nervous we would have out emma at ease a little more as she seemed very edgy.

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