Colwyn Bay in Bloom

I wanted to do part of my urban decay work in empty shops. So approached the manager of Colwyn bay Town Centre Ingrid lewis. She mentioned about me working on the Colwyn Bay In Bloom Project. im not really sure what is epected of me. Here are the coispondents so far between myself and Ingrid

From: [mailto:alanwhitfield@googlemail.comOn Behalf Of Alan Whitfield

Sent: 01 March 2010 23:02
To: Ingrid Lewis
Subject: Infomation
Hi Ingrid,

My name is Alan Whitfield . I am a Mature Photography student that recently finished my studies at Llandrillo. Im Know undertaking my Degree in Photography at Glyndwr University. I have a project about empty spaces. I’m wondering would it be possible to get access to some of the empty shops in Colwyn bay like Woolworths, Wades or Motorworld. Id also be intrested in one of the empty churches. In return i would be willing to let you use the images if you had a use for them or photograph something else you may need images of.

Kind Regards
Alan Whitfield

Hi Alan

I am unable to help you to get into empty properties in Colwyn Bay.

A potential route for you would be to approach the commercial property agents who are responsible for letting the properties.  St David Commercial is the principal agent in this area.
For empty units within the Bay View Shopping Centre, you are best to approach the Centre Manager Graham Bowser who may be able to help you with your project.

On a different note, the Colwyn in Bloom committee are considering approaching photographic organisations with a view to a competition looking at the greener side of Colwyn Bay  – this would help the town in its Britain in Bloom bid… is this something that would interest you?

Best wishes

Ingrid Lewis

From: [mailto:alanwhitfield@googlemail.comOn Behalf Of Alan Whitfield

Sent: 12 April 2010 10:14
To: Ingrid Lewis
Subject: Re: Infomation

Hi Ingrid,

I spoke to you a short time ago. You mentioned the chance of you needing photos for the Colwyn Bay in Bloom campaign. I was wondering was there if you had anymore information on what this would entail. It doesn’t normally start until July/august?

Kind Regards

Alan Whitfield


HI Alan

I am looking at the potential of creating a photographic competition surrounding the ‘in bloom’ campaign… due to time constraints, I haven’t got any further yet.   Any thoughts your end on how this could work?



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