October File

I was asked by the band October file could they use my photos that i shot of them at Hammerfest. ok i didnt get paid for them but i hope I should get a credit for them. I guess you can only try. Heres a link to the images


Alan Whitfieldto Darren

Hi Darren,

just thought id let you Know i took some excellent pictures of the band. Let me know if you want to see them

Kind Regards

Alan Whitfield

www.alanwhitfield.com alan@alanwhitfield.com

Darren Tomsto Alan

of course i do mate send some over

Alan Whitfieldto Darren


let me Know what you think.



Darren Tomsto Alan

Can we use these on the site etc

Alan Whitfieldto Darren

Hi Darren

Sure so long as i get a name credit/website reference/myspace with the work. Give me your details and ill send you a disk. Would you be interested in me doing any more work in the future.

Kind regards

Alan Whitfield

Alan Whitfieldto Darren

hi do you want me to send a disk to you


Alan Whitfield

Darren Tomsto Alan

Hey buddy

Please send disc here

Thanks d

Darren Toms

Head of Press & Marketing

Pd Music

tech House, croft Rd

ford, rt10 9fd

Tel:  Fax:


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