Filming at Motor Design, Ellsmere

This was our first trip as a 8 piece group. We now have Hollie on board as well as myself as extras in the group. We  drove down to the location in Ellesmere. Stewart asked had any of being to Ellesmere before. To which i said yes. I forgot to tell him i had only been there in a barge. I knew It wasn’t that big a place so i may have a chance of finding him. Anyway met up ok. I think the group as a whole thought we would be filming in a garage. How wrong could we be. It was an office. We met up with Lyndon Jones Who was the graduate we was filming. I thought he was very quite. It was difficult to build any rapour with him which i don’t think helped the filming. The atmosphere was very stale and office like. i found it difficult to work in. We filmed in Room 1 which had the computers in. Camera position A was used to get A establishing shot and a mid shot of Lyndon. Light 1 was brightening the area over the desk. Light 2 was lighting the ambient light in the room. I was again operating the boom. We moved into position B for Close up shots. we planned to move to the 2nd room so I turned the light off  then we had a slight change of plan due to the sound in the other room. S o i went to put the light back on and it blow. So we we had to move to the second room where the sound was not as good.

Room 2 was the location to do the interview. We also decided it was best to take notes of stew asking the questions as we was on our own in the afternoon shoot. We used this room as the natural light was better in here due to being down to one light. We filmed in the corner by the window. We had to get Lyndon to talk across the table. If he talked direct to graham his voice would have been really bass.  Graham explained that on tv when you news reader there desks are hollow with cloth covering them so the voice doesn’t resonate as much. I think the shoot went ok. I don’t think our team was work was too good. This may have been due to the building we was in as it was rather formal in feel.


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