I.T SUITE, Plas Coch

Oh well this was it we was on our own. It was the 5th thing we had filmed at Glyndwr university. What could possibly go wrong. There was 4 of the group present at this.  Once we found the Subject we was interviewing Richard Collins. We could not get into the main computer area as there was a group in there. So we ended up in  an empty room with computers in. We did our close up and establishing shots at point A. We was noticing that  here was a lot  of noise coming through as we was filming. looking at the ceiling there was two massive air con units. We tried to find the switch to turn them off. We couldn’t and there was no one to ask. So we took the camera and boom over to areas B and C. The was noise was a little better but still far to loud to do an interview. We had no place else to film so we where on the verge of going outside to film on the grass. Luke said he would go up to learning support as they always had space free in interview rooms. This was a success. So we carted all the equipment up stairs. The room was a box room that had a table in it. as well as four crew members interviewed camera light and boom. Luke did rally well with asking the question. I don t think he was comfortable having to do it but did a great job I think we did really well on this shot as several things went wrong we was cool and thought things through as a group. We got the end result. Even if it was far to hot in the box room. The team was work was far better on the second shoot

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