Skate Competition (Update)


I have been approached by Conwy youth service to capture the skate competition at Erias park in Colwyn bay. I have been in correspondents with Sharon Campbell the head leader of  the youth service in this area. I will be required to take pictures of the people in the competitions. Capture the winners and also some of the local bands that are playing. hopefully the weather will hold out


On arriving at the event in Erias park i was briefed by Sharon as to what was expected of me. I had to stay off the skate park at all times. I was not allowed to use flash incase it put the contestants off. I had to capture the action and the general feel of the day. The light for the day was poor with a very gray overcast sky. so i had to work out which way the sun was coming from and how this would help or hinder me.

I was pleased with my overhaul results for the day you can see some of the action caught here. All my images have been metadata stamped. I will have to see what is done with the images by the youth service

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


I was really pleased to see my work in the local paper with a name credit

This seems to have been a really successful project for me. I have been asked to take images for a flyer to promote the Council youth service

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