Resonance Glyndwr and What Become Of The Creative Futures Talk

We had a talk with Tom Hill form . He had come to tell us about a project called Resonance a multi platform film experience with actors such as Charles Dance and Nikki Amouka-Bird from Tourchwood the Dr Who spin-off. it all seemed very interesting so i sent this speculative email to tom:

Hi Tom,

My name is Alan Whitfield i was present for your talk in Wrexham on monday. Im a mature student on Level 6 Creative lens Media. I was really impressed with the talk that you did. I found it very punchy and to the point. I’m slightly disillusioned with everything at the moment. You touched on this so i found it very empowering to hear what you had to say. Sadly I’m A photographer so i guess i wont be much use to your project and my video knowledge is basic. If i could apply to help with anything a I am very motivated person and lead rather than follow in a group. Thanks again for taking the time to come and speak to the group.
Kind Regards
Alan Whitfield
To my shock tom replied with this
Hey Alan,Thank you very much. I appreciate the kind words. I think I remember you – did you speak to me briefly at the end?  Anyway if not no bother, it’s just great to see enthusiasm. We will need stills photographers (I checked out your website and there are some great images – the black and white car parks resonate with me!), but it sounds to me like right now you’d be perfect for helping to coordinate the Glyndwr part of our project. Do you know Dr Cunningham well? Do you get on? I hope so, because I’d love it if I could just liaise through you with the students and him with the staff. I’m in a ridiculous state of busyness at the mo so please don’t be offended if it takes me a while to respond, but what I propose is that I’ll give you a bit more background info about the project as a whole and then you could coordinate a team to tackle some of the challenges we have.

Let me know what you think.



Not ever been one to pass on the chance to jump into something with both feet first i decided to run with the challenge set before me. Yes im their back in the world of video.
The website for the project is I plan to construct a team around me to reinterpret the script and short film that tom has asked me to be involved with. To document the process i have set a blogspot account as well as a twitter account http://goog_468020698/. The professional development of this will be kept on the above sites. This feels a excellent that im really looking forward to been involved with.


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