The 2011 Prix Pictet shortlisted photographers

Prix Pictet: Chris Jordan : Midway: Message from the Gyre, 2009

Chris Jordan

This image reminds me of the Nic delahayne im age of the dead afghan solider

delahaye-taliban.jpg Luc DelahayeDead Taliban fighter, Afghanistan, 2001

Which was why it first come to my attention. the peaceful quality of the osprey as with the soldier are soon diverted on closer inspection. when we see the plastic lighters and bottle tops on the inside of the birds stomach. This one of the picture that words dont add anything to…

Prix Pictet: Edward Burtynsky:  series Oil

Edward Burtynsky

For some reason i see this image as having a feminine feel to it. As well some could see it looks like some form of biblical crucifixion. I think the distance it was taken from also adds to the congestion of the image. the image must have been taken from a helicopter It wasn’t until i cut and paste the name that i saw it was Burtysky

Prix Pictet: Michael Wolf  Hong Kong from the series Architecture of Density

Michael Wolf

A photograph that lacks in color but is still very hard for the viewer to take in it looks like some form of concertina used on a leaflet. the reduction of skyline adds to the impact of the image giving us very little perception other than what is before us


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