Jobshop @ Glyndwr

I have been approached by Gareth Williams at the Job shop to do some work to brighten up the space. I was set this brief

Glyndŵr Volunteers – Jobshop Art Installation – Role description

This role description is to help you to further understand your role, clarify your role responsibilities and to outline the ways in which Glyndŵr Volunteers can support your voluntary work.

Role description


Glyndŵr Volunteers and Jobshop are looking to recruit a student or a group of students to design a semi permanent original design which will be displayed on the main wall in the jobshop.

The design will based on 4 concepts

1 – Volunteering

2 – Employment

3 – Work Experience

4 – Graduate recruitment.

You can work individually or as a group.

The Jobshop will represent your client and professional approach to the brief will be required at all times.

The Jobshop/careers team will help steer the project and regular meetings will take place in order to see how the project is coming together.

You can approach the brief in a number of ways, print, fine art, Illustration, animation, applied art, photograph and film or it can be a collaborative piece drawn upon all different art disciplines.

This will be a great opportunity for a student to gain experience working along the careers centre and will count towards your professional development.



  • To represent the views and opinions of Glyndŵr Volunteers / Jobshop
  • To liaise with Glyndŵr Volunteers / Jobshop staff and be available via email to all Glyndŵr Volunteers  / Jobshop       Staff
  • To inform the Glyndŵr Volunteering Officer/ Jobshop staff immediately of any problems, concerns or incidents or if you are unable to attend.
  • To keep your Glyndwr Volunteering Officer/  Jobshop staff informed of hours completed and to keep a diary of activities carried out.
  • To manage time efficiently and meet deadlines.
  • Attend planning meetings.
  • To keep Glyndwr Volunteer officer / Jobshop staff up to date with project.

After receiving this i attended a meeting where i met Gareth and his colleges Gemma Edwards Liza Jahan. We had a brief chat about about what they expected from me working around the four key words. I would like to go in and take pictures of the job shop space. To get more of a idea of where im working. I will use one of my glynspired images unless something else happens like that.


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