A poem by Alan Whitfield: Out of focus ideology

I’m not Welsh and never will be. I do however feel I understand what it means to come from Wales and the kicking it takes to keep your head above water as the onlooker try’s drown to you

The title of this poem comes from the Man Dont Give A F**K by the Super Furry Animals. In Gruff Rhys‘ writing I have come to question and delve in to what the Super Furry Animals are trying to politicize in their songs

I aspire to be able to write like Gruff:

And we
Live together under
Oak trees
In the dark
We make sparks
So unique
We’re the mountain people


However i can only dream 🙂

Out of focus ideology


So this it.

Wall to wall everywhere

crepitate in a southerly breeze,

am I the apathetic outcast

yet with the bones of my back

supported and in tact.

Repulsion festers

like a Britannia knot.

Take your back bone back,

running round in circles.

The association world calmer stench.

A price we pay to be told how to feel this way

subvert and systematic

oh the nations heedfulness’ diligence

Its only free thinking


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