f1 @ Autosport International in Birmingham NEC

At the weekend I went to the international Autosports show at Birmingham NEC. it was great. I really think it was one of the best days out I have ever had (simple person, simple things ) ūüôā I had a ride in the Caterham 7. This was great but kind of killed my back

The winner of the best livery for me was the torro rosso Ferrari. I love their red bull


The car of Jenson button and Lewis Hamilton in last season Before going to the silver arrow of Mercedes


The Red Bull crossed the lines more than most in 2012 to become the formula 1 champion


More Horse


Lotus E20 Renault home of my favorite driver Kimi Räikkönen


2013, Caterham, Renault RS27


Micheal Schumacher 1994 B194 Benetton, Ford


Ayrton Senna john player special, Louts that he drove from 1985 to 1987


My dad and The Stig


I Love the colours on the Lamborghini, great paint jobs


Sir¬†Jackie Stewart’s,¬†Matra MS10


Not sure if this was the Sebastien Vettel or Mark Webber‘s car


Fernando Alonso,¬†Ferrari. Seeing the Prancing Horse was great. I’m a secret¬†Tifosi



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