Photo Tweet of the day: Reuters

I found this picture from the Reuters agency. It’s the classic image you need to see a few times before you get what it its. Is it an advert for a new Drive concerting company. Is it that bull ring shopping centre in Birmingham. No sadly its none of the above. The image is a stream in LouisianaContinue reading “Photo Tweet of the day: Reuters”

Tweet image of the Day: Jiri Rezac

Images taken from I felt I should show all the images for this piece of work as i think they work very well as a set Photographed by jiri rezac. The image were taken for Greenpeace in Canada The above image would be hard to read bar the small vessel breaking the overall formContinue reading “Tweet image of the Day: Jiri Rezac”

A Tweet A Day: August Newsmaker Q&A: Zoe Strauss visits the Gulf Out of all the images in the Q&a Session. This in my opinion was the strongest. The texas gold black of the overall image is striking. This is as near as the general public will get to feel what life has been like of the coast of America. The metaphor of the sign saying Impacted ByContinue reading “A Tweet A Day: August Newsmaker Q&A: Zoe Strauss visits the Gulf”