DIRECTED Press print and ink  make our minds sync  On the outside the eyes, gaze  just an other face  bars hold us apart  do we know,  marginalized cut out  distance equal, freedom unsubstantial  framed  


INNER The mothers clasp, in safety to hold, enclose. Inner winter warm repels the cold. Warms the soul controlled, relax, breath out, childhood stories told turning, caring, comfort it never grows old.  

Your Last Breath #3

The closeness of safety seems to far…

Your Last Breath #1

A shadow engulfs a vision as you retract, you must go on  

Creative Features Lectures 2011

This month saw the start of the creative futures talks. having only found out it was on the night before on Facebook at 9.30pm was somewhat disappointing. The first lecture in our guide to entrepreneurship was by a lady called Trisha Jones. She was a ceramics and made mosaics. I guess she was inspiring to some people once youContinue reading “Creative Features Lectures 2011”

Music Video Assistant Director

I Recently worked on Project with Graham Copper for his Negotiated studies 1 unit. I Was the Assistant Director alongside Graham. The biggest challenge was trying to sort out the venue and get the correct permission. We had to use Glyndwr Universities insurance. So we was covered up to 5 million pounds 🙂 We filmed it in the Car Park at Theatre Clwyd overContinue reading “Music Video Assistant Director”

How i fell for Andre Kertesz, while leaving a Paris Behind…

Striking while the irons hot is not always great in the long run. Did paris Fail or did i Fail Paris? Judge for yourself! Paris Photo 2010 at this moment in time feels like The Clash Signing to Capitol Records. Did they or did they not sell out. Am i more wiser to the whole corporateContinue reading “How i fell for Andre Kertesz, while leaving a Paris Behind…”

Tweet of the day: Bruce Davidson

I’ve done a picture of Bruce Davidson‘s work before. I thought it was time we had a new one… It’s a great article Heres a tezzer so you will read it ” NEW YORK — “I’m like Zsa Zsa Gabor,’’ Bruce Davidson says. “I’m famous, but no one knows for what.’’  click the link to read more I likeContinue reading “Tweet of the day: Bruce Davidson”

Photo tweet of the day: Katrin Koenning

I think this image contrasts two genres. You have seascape and almost an element of street photography. The relaxing feel of the sea is an image we often view. Its interesting the way the horizon is totally level on the Pacific looking out over St. Kilda Beach, Melbourne, Australia. However its the to people whoContinue reading “Photo tweet of the day: Katrin Koenning”

Capturing the Graffiti work of dime one

I have been Approached by Andy Birch (dime one) one who works on Various funded graffiti projects in North Wales I will be documenting various projects that dime one under takes. He will be using the work for his portfolio to approach other business and funding ventures in the local community  

The future of Photojournalism

Steve Mayes is the managing director of The Photojournalism Cooperative VII. He raises some very interesting points on the state of photojournalism? He references Lewis Hine as his greatest photojournalist. Although i know of Hines Name i was surprised to see how many  famous images he was behind The above image creates a feel of sadness in the monotony in the scaleContinue reading “The future of Photojournalism”